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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood You Floor provide engineered wood flooring in London which is one of the most popular flooring types today.

Engineered wood flooring is also called semi-solid due to their unique construction: top layer of oak and plywood. Engineered wooden flooring goes through a specific manufacturing process which creates its durability, variety and attractive grain markings.

Our engineered wood flooring in London is made of two or more layers of wood. The top layer, called the lamella is the finished wood and this is the surface that is visible so uses the highest quality timber. The core layers are often made of ply wood or thinner wood and these are glued together to make a sandwich effect. Each layer of wood is laid perpendicular to the other which results in an extremely robust and enduring product. The benefits of engineered flooring are that they are normally cheaper than solid wood floor and can withstand many years of pressure and traffic without showing signs of deterioration.

Our engineered wood flooring is the perfect addition to your home: wooden floors look smart and their neutral tones will compliment any style of room. Engineered wood floors in particular are extremely durable and if properly maintained can last a lifetime. They are also highly practical as they are easily cleaned and attract less dust than carpets. We will happy supply and fit engineered wooden flooring in London for homes and commercial properties.

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