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Solid Wood Flooring!

Solid wood flooring: the perfect choice for a healthier, warmer and more beautiful home.

Solid wood flooring

Wood You Floor Ltd offers a wide range of wooden flooring to both homes and businesses. We take great pride in our range of styles, colours and textures, which make every home special and add to its value.

About WoodYouFloor LTD

europoean oak

As specialists in solid wood we supply European oak which is harder, more durable and lasts longer. We recognise the superior quality and more practical nature of solid wood over the many types of engineered or laminate flooring.

europoean oak

Wooden floors do not collect as much dust as carpets or other types of flooring, and require minimum maintenance. Being thicker, they can be sanded repeatedly whilst retaining their original beauty.

europoean oak

Based in St Albans, our fitters are experienced and highly skilled. We are able to provide free quotes to homes and businesses in Hertfordshire, North London and beyond. Please see the pages on our website for more information, give us a call/email or visit our showroom, which displays a variety of products.